Distractions during shelter-in-place

Most people have daily stresses during this time of Coronavirus. Working from home is lucky compared to the impact on livelihoods and health. Social distancing is necessary but does have its own little impact. For the moments where you have time to connect with friends online and recharge by taking your minds off of the state of the world, here are some options:

  • Jackbox games – Lots of party style games. Some are digital versions of board games or digital versions of common party games. I installed Steam on my computer in order to get the discount. Whoever buys the game has to project their screen to the video call (Hangouts, Zoom, Facetime) and use another device (phone, another computer) to join the Jackbox game server as a participant at Everyone else can do the same (computer for video call, phone for game) or use one computer for both.
  • Skribbl – online free-for-all competitive Pictionary
  • Codenames – a digital version of the board game Codewords. Codewords is sort of like a matching game + charades, but with a scoring style similar to pool stripes vs. solids.
  • Board Game Arena – playing digital online equivalents of board games. Never tried this, have only played a few of these games (Carcasonne, Kingdomino)
  • Dominion board game online – also haven’t tried this or played this game before

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