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More Sources to Learn Internationalization

Here is a collection of more links to learn about internationalization, beyond the really good videos from the recent Unicode event and other links that I mentioned along with them. I might continually update this space to organize all of the links for learning about internationalization, organized by what might be most useful to total beginners.

  • Getting Started with Internationalization – A quick, well-written intro to basic terms and concepts with illustrative pictures
  • Unicode Demystified by Rich Gillam – a book written in simple language that explains the technical aspects of Unicode, gives a survey of writing systems / languages, and an overview of the higher level things. You should probably read this before reading the Unicode core specification, if you ever need to do that.
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Introduction to Internationalization and Unicode

The Unicode Consortium had its online event last week entitled “Overview of Internationalization and Unicode Projects”. The 6 videos have an average runtime less than 15 minutes and create a nice, gradual explanation of the internationalization / Unicode ecosystem that nicely builds upon itself. The videos are also embedded below.

A colleague asked me a good way to get a background of internationalization. Here is what I told that person: