About Me

Hi, I’m Elango Cheran.  I’m currently working on projects that help the productivity of computational scientists.

I have a background in Next Generation Sequencing data, doing analysis for sequence data from different sequencing platforms, with DNA/RNA taken from various organisms and modified in various experiment types.

In the process of supporting NGS data, I have dealt with the challenges of large amounts of data, from storage server decisions, network utilization, cluster configuration and queuing, and more.  As a computer scientist, I’ve come to appreciate the issues of efficiency that such “Big Data” causes, whether in the algorithmic complexity of an operation, latency of network protocols, speed of language feature implementations, and the cost and scalability of human code development.

If you, too, are interested in NGS, productivity in computational sciences, or even just computer technology in general, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Email: elango .DOT. cheran .AT. g m a i l .DOT. com

2 replies on “About Me”

May we know if you’re the same Elango Cheran who put up a Tamil website for learners? it’s a fantastic website, the best we’ve found for learners whose first language is English. We posted a thank you but we got a “delivery failure” message on that.

Tim and Felicia

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