Can Linux server admin. get better?

Turnkey Linux

After all of the work for a manual installation of WP, when revisiting the Ubuntu Comm. page on WP, I noticed Turnkey Linux, saw their website, and read this Linux Journal review about them. Granted, Ubuntu/Debian is as close to an “It just works” TM user-friendly Linux distro as you’ll find. And WordPress seems to dominate the blogging software scene, and they’ve certain done well to make the installation quite (brain)dead-simple.  But it’s still not as simple as it is to install a Mac app.

Turnkey Linux seems to mimic Ubuntu (it’s based off of Ubuntu) but in a low-profile version meant for VMs, servers, etc.  The appeal is the promise of no-configuration installation — kind of like what downloading free Apple software for Mac OS X from the App Store would be like.  Turnkey looks like it’s worth revisiting in the future, especially if I run simple servers or VM’s on AWS or elsewhere. The ability to seamlessly drop Turnkey apps on an Ubuntu server would be a huge “selling” point, if that doesn’t cause conflict and/or redundancies in the Ubuntu system.

Shell In A Box

Turnkey led me to Shell In A Box, which is the kind of thing I’ve been looking for! It doesn’t strike me as the safest way of having web access to SSH logins (not that having it at all is the safest to begin with), but could it help you out if you’re in a pinch and not on your home turf? For sure! It’s nice to see this under active development, too. I was previous looking for Java applets to do the same, but the only one under active development and supporting SSH2 seems to be MindTerm.

Now, in my heart of hearts, I can’t say that having SSH access visible to the web would be “making sys admin better” like the title says. But I still hope to avoid dependence on carrying electronics everywhere, at least as much as possible. Having web-accessible SSH access would allow me to continue to not need a smartphone and/or laptop of my own. (I plan to get a laptop soon anyways, so that I can be portable if I have to, but that’s another story.)

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