First post

Hi, everyone.  This is the inaugural post of my blog.

This will be my first foray into blogging — I’m excited!  Do give ample feedback if you can!  Does something work / not work for you?  Do you have followup questions?  etc.

Let me explain the title, “Sequenced Thoughts from Computer / Science”:

I have a background in bioinformatics, and NGS sequence data analysis in particular.  I’m used to working with reads, where reads are the sequences of nucleic acid molecules (e.g., DNA) taken from some organism.  My analyses in the NGS world would start off with those sequenced reads/molecules — they’re the input to the first step in any analysis.

Instead of sequencing DNA molecules from those model organisms, this blog will be ‘sequencing’ the thoughts I have.  I currently have one foot in the computer world and one foot in the science world.  Even if my current trajectory will involve more Computer Science than Genetics, I hope to keep up with genetics and have “computer / science” describe what I do.

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