general is Refreshed

I’ve updated my grammar lessons for learning Tamil at . It should have a cleaner look, easier to view on mobile devices, and you can listen to the audio files because they’ve finally been converted from RealAudio format to a modern common format, MP3.

I started my Tamil grammar lessons 20 years ago as “Thamil Paadanool” (தமிழ்ப் பாடநூல் = Thamil textbook) at It was a way to create Tamil grammar lessons in the way that I believe they should be done for people in the 10+ age range trying to learn. About 10 years later, after I had to move the lessons to my other personal webspace at . A couple of years ago, I acquired and moved the lessons once more. Not much about the lessons have changed in the entire 20 years, but a few months ago, I did an update of the aesthetics and usability. So if you see PDFs or links floating around on the internet with the old address, or even if you haven’t, check out the new website address and pass it on.

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